Species page Acanthodactylus lacrymae

Tislit Spiny-footed lizard
Acanthodactylus lacrymae Miralles, Geniez, Beddek, Mendez-Aranda, Brito, Leblois & Crochet 2020

By Gabriel Martínez del Mármol Marín

Updated: 22/03/2020

Taxonomy: Sauria | Lacertidae | Acanthodactylus | Acanthodactylus lacrymae

Adult male. Imilchil. Photo: © Philippe Geniez


  Acanthodactylus lacrymae

Distribution map of
Acanthodactylus lacrymae
in Morocco.


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The parts 1) Phylogenetic frame, 2) Description, 3) Ecology and habits and 4) Distribution, habitat and abundance, are being made.



    • Miralles, A. & Geniez, P. & Beddek, M. & Mendez-Aranda, D. & Brito, J.C. & Leblois, R. & Crochet, P.-A. 2020.  Morphology and multilocus phylogeny of the Spiny-footed Lizard (Acanthodactylus erythrurus) complex reveal two new mountain species from the Moroccan Atlas –  Zootaxa 4747 (2): 302–326.