The northwestern tip of Africa, due to different geological and geographical circumstances, not to mention the weather is noted for its biodiversity and being one of the richest in the Western Palearctic.

All species of amphibians and reptiles displayed on this site have evolved over thousands of years, colonizing places in their ecosystems, sometimes with some peculiarities that are not seen elsewhere. Like in many other areas, many of these species are in decline or are generally scarce.

Without knowledge some background knowledge it is hard to become interested in conserving these animals. The aim of this web is to spread the beauty of rich and diverse herpetological fauna of this area. Although there will always be people who do not like these animals, more knowledge will help them to value and perhaps even respect them, forgetting the myths, legends and prejudices that are rife throughout the world’s cultures today.

You are invited to help in our work on this new platform for Herpetology in these areas so please feel welcome to share your knowledge, and collaborate by sending photos, comments, questions, etc. You can contact us via the web form.