Mayo 2013 – Viaje herpetológico a Marruecos

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  1. Hey guys!
    fantastic story and great pictures!

    I like you to show biodiversity (mammals, birds, scorpions, etc.)
    I love in situ photos of lizards!, the european roller photo with prey in its beak, Euchaster pairing, etc. are very interesting.

    I think that the lizard in the photo called «golden lizard fingers strip (Acanthodactylus aureus) Photo:. © Jesse Erens» is a Messalina guttulata ( and the scorpion is probably Hottentota genre.


  2. Author here, Philippe Geniez and Jacques Franchimont confirmed to me that what we called an Acanthodactylus erythrurus, is actually Acanthodactylus busacki, based on the latest distribution maps and a bad picture.

    And thanks for changing the A.aureus to M. guttulata. We have become a bit wiser in the intervening years 🙂

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