Taxonomic troubles in the Hemorrhois genus in Morocco

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  1. Very interesting blog. I believe there is a lot of confusion around relationships about all species within the Hemorrhois. I’ve beed dealing with Hemorrhois nummifer and ravergieri for a while, and I though I found a good way to distinguish between those forms in Armenia. There we also have a lot of variation in morphlogy. But, now I feel like it makes sense to revise this group in a greater detail, simultaneously using morphometry and molecular methods.

    1. Dear Tigran, I have only a few experience with the eastern Hemorrhois species (one H. nummifer individual), and I can´t talk about them well. In north Africa there are a lot of variation in morphology (pholidosis, dorsal designs, etc…) and maybe they will be an species complex! (we are waiting for results, but in Morocco there are a lot of reptile species complex: Tarentola mauritanica, Agama impaleris, Podarcis vaucheri, Acanthodactylus erythrurus, Ptyodactylus oudrii, Acanthodactylus pardalis…) The most rare thing is to group snakes with horseshoe mark in the head (the typical characteristic of H. «hippocrepis») within H. algirus («intermediate» specimens have been grouped in H. algirus intermedius by many authors). All is very confused although really interesting!! Cheers and thanks for comment

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