Comments on the large paleartic vipers Macrovipera and Daboia in North Africa

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  1. Other important point to discuss, is the question of the scarcity of Macrovipera lebetina in North Africa. Maybe D. mauritanica is a possible competitor of M. lebetina. In fact, Macrovipera lebetina has been declared extint in Israel, where Daboia palaestinae occurs both in sandy coastal areas, rocky mountain or agriculture fields. And in Jordan, Macrovipera has a patchy relictary distribution, probably due to Daboia snakes (suggested by Amr & Disi, 2011). At least in Southern Morocco, Daboia is present also in rocky areas, steppes, sandy areas, etc… so probably also the adaptable D. mauritanica could be a potential competitor for Macrovipera lebetina mediterranea and a important cause of its scarcity…

  2. Hi,

    I did some field trips in Tunisia about 8 years ago I found good spots for this species in northern Tunisia.
    Unfortunatly, it was during summer time and it was too hot.

    We would like to plan a field trip to Algeria (near Oran) to try to find M. lebetina transmediterranea.

    We would like to contact the person who made a picture of this species (JJ Calvet RT07611-4) to get more information about the location.
    I personnaly contacted G. Vogel but could not get clear information about it.
    Does somebody could give us more information about the picture?

    It seems that Oran location is the most acurate location that why we would like to go.
    In order to get some DNA samples to be compared with other close vipers to determine the indigena of this cryptic species.

    Does somebody could give us more information about the spot in Algeria?

    Best regards,

    Didier Daminet
    Maxime Pissié (

  3. Hi,

    Here are some pictures of two trips I made to Tunisia in August 2010 and 2011.

    I join two Word documents that roughly indicate the locations (in French) of the pictures.

    I prospected northern Tunisia in order to find suitable habitats for Macrovipera sp. and Daboia sp.

    Unfortunatly, it was too hot I hope to go back some day in spring.

    Lien du téléchargement

    Any news of JJ Calvet?



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